Open Classifieds


An excellent multi-language system for classifieds in PHP



Open Classifieds is a script for classifieds/announcements/listings that you can use to save time and effort when creating your own website.

This package is designed to be much faster, safer, and optimized for search engines. It lets you change themes quickly thanks to its simple management system.

Open Classifieds includes the following features:

· Friendly URLs (which can be disabled)

· Optimized for search engines (SEO)

· Multi-category (accepts parent categories and subcategories)

· Unlimited photos for each product (you can set the number)

· View count for each product

· Email confirmation in order to add a product

· Contact form for each product

· A right sidebar widget depending on where you are

· RSS by category

· Template with valid HTML/CSS without images

· Integrated Adsense (you only have to change your client id)

· A manager where you can activate and deactivate posts, etc.

· Mathematical captchas

The package requires Apache, PHP 5, and MySql installation and desktop permissions in /images and /cache.